Customer service and support module launched by Really Simple Systems

25 Oct 2011: Really Simple Systems, the Database Marketing Award-winning vendor of Cloud CRM systems has released the latest version of next-generation Customer Service & Support (CS&S) module, available within Really Simple Systems Enterprise Edition.

The new version now creates, updates and closes cases automatically from emails sent to and from customers, allowing support operatives to turn around customer queries on the fly, without having to log into and update the CRM system.

One of the first users of the new module is ElasticHosts, a cloud hosting company that is feeding the fast-growing market for storing and handling information remotely. The company chose the solution because trials showed that with other options available support operatives were spending more time updating their CRM systems than answering customers' questions.

Anna Griffiths, Sales Manager of ElasticHosts, comments: "Cases are automatically created from incoming emails, and emails are automatically routed to the support person who is handling that case, ensuring accuracy, efficiency and speed of response. Cases are automatically closed when an email resolving the case is sent and re-opened if the customer sends an email back saying that the problem is ongoing."

Richard Davies, CEO at ElasticHosts, adds: “One of the great things about it is that CS&S is integrated within the sales functionality, rather than using a separate CRM for sales, and ticketing system for support. This means our sales people can see the pre-sales tech support in action and that our support people can see the value of the leads that they are working on.

“The speed with which staff can record what has been done and what needs to be done is fantastic. Logging into your CRM system to be presented with a transparent record of all customer communications is great. Each morning we have a list of things which need to be done, with all the relevant information on one page and a minimum of fuss. We use the CRM system for sales and technical support, to ensure customers' queries are dealt with properly and efficiently. And loads of statistics are available through the module for both sales and support, to help hone ElasticHosts email marketing campaigns.”